Monday, January 19, 2009

This is what a miracle looks like

When I flew home from Boston, Mass today, not only did Tammy's husband, Glen, pick me up from the airport, but Tammy cleaned my house. When I left on Friday, the kitchen sink pictured above was full of dirty dishes. Why? Because I have been so busy at work the last two weeks that I haven't had time to empty the dishwasher.

So not only did Glen take a couple of hours out of his day (and leave work) to pick me up at the airport, but Tammy cleaned my kitchen and straightened up the living room. This miracle is amazing. Especially because last week Jennifer at Conversion Diary told everyone about a special friend of hers who came over and cleaned her house. And in the comments section of Jennifer's blog I wrote "How can this miracle happen at my house?" And lo, and behold, it occurred! This a spontanteous gift from Tammy because I am pretty sure Tammy doesn't read Jennifer's blog, much less the comments section.

How do you get friends like these?? Where do you buy them? I don't know. They are clearly a gift from God.

More on the trip, and the quilting, later. But here is the Parting Shot: Snow in New England. Really beautiful:


Vicki W said...

You will have to go visit them at their new hose and clean their kitchen! glad you arrived home unfrozen.

YankeeQuilter said...

What a great feeling that must of been to come into a clean house! Those friends are keepers!

My family is from Boston...can't say I miss living in all that snow. A few days, a flurry, a picture...all good. Three days of nonstop thank you!