Thursday, January 15, 2009

Off to the Great White North! Brr!

I'm packing you see, for a trip to Boston, Mass this weekend. The only thing that could get me up there this time of year is the birthday of my dear friend, Miss Eileen. She has played the birthday card, so I am forced to endure 15 degree high temperatures (why, oh why wasn't she born in August???).

There will be quilting. Eileen's college roommate, Loy, will be joining us, and Eileen uses these little weekend get togethers to practice what she calls "learning by doing". Ostensively an opportunity to learn new sewing and quilting skills, this is really Eileen's chance to get us to piece some quilt tops for her so she doesn't have to. Eileen's not really a sewer, she's more of a hand quilter. This usually works out for me in the long run, however, as I can get her to hand quilt something for me as payback. I get the better end of that deal.

And as the weather will never break the freezing mark, I anticipate that as long as Eileen provides food and fabric, there will really be no reason to leave the house at all.

Parting shot: Eileen and me in the Lake District, England, in May 2007. Look at that sunshine! That hardly ever happens in the UK for us!


Vicki W said...

Oh look, and you were wearing pants too - another rare site! Have a great time!

KimP said...

If the temps would get above 60 degrees in the UK, I would wear skirts all the time, but no such luck, even in May and June. We always go too far north!

Summerset said...

Welcome to the Deep Freeze, uh, I mean New England! Sounds like a fun trip and provided the food and fabric flow freely, you won't need to go outside at all.

stitchin' girl said...

Have a great time!