Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sewing is a Dangerous Sport

Happy New Year! I'm back from Cotton Creek, Alabama and I was all set for a day of sewing, when the leaf of my sewing table crushed my left hand as I was setting up to sew on the borders of the Asian Strip Gift Quilt. It was caused completely by operator error, so I have no one to blame but moi. My hand is bruised and swollen on both sides north of my wrist, but I have decided that it is merely a sprain and not broken, because I am completely into self-diagnosis. I've done my best to keep ice on it, but my ice therapy is sporadic at best because 1) ice is cold, and therefore uncomfortable, and 2) I can't type with ice. It hurts to type, but this won't be long.

While at home I couldn't stand not sewing anything, so I made Mother some new curtains for the bathroom. No photos of course, but they were nothing but rectangles with a pocket for the curtain rod. I keep my first sewing machine (bought at Sears) at Mother's for just such an occasion. They turned out pretty, but I felt like I was sewing in primitive circumstances. I used my father's engineering/surveying rulers for measurement, and without my rotary cutting mat, I was reduced to ripping the fabric to get a straight line. Let's just say I got in touch with my family ancestors' sewing methods.

On the day before I left, I visited the Front Porch Quilt Shoppe not far from Cotton Creek. I love this quilt store. Melanie has a beautiful shop located in an old refurbished farm house with high ceilings and wood floors, all the better to show the numerous quilts hanging about. She mostly deals in Moda fabrics, but the selection is outstanding and she has lots of quilt books and patterns. She was having a sale on many fabrics for just $ 3.99 a yard, and I bought lots of fabric with quilt backs in mind. I hope to use them soon.

I don't do New Year's resolutions, but I do make goals. I note that last year my goal was to sew 20 garments. I just checked my list and discovered that I made 18, as far as I can tell. If I had known I was that close, I might have squeezed two more in. I do remember that I made two jeans skirts from some old pair of jeans I wasn't wearing anymore, so I'll count those two as garments made, and declare my goal met.

So my goals for 2009, sewing-wise, appear to be more quilt related this year. First, I want to make a quilt for myself since I have had the fabric for more than a year. It perfectly matches my bedroom decor, so I have been itching to get at it. If I don't make it first, all my other projects (and work) will interfere. Also for 2009, I want to make one of Mary's Heartstrings quilts, which I think will be fun. I've already started cutting my strips from leftover fabrics. And finally, I have always wanted to do a double wedding ring quilt. I think I'll start researching patterns and techniques to make this happen.

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year - and I can't wait to see what y'all create in 2009!

Parting Shot: Anne (right) and me at Anne's New Year's Eve party. Mother gave me the dress for Christmas, although you can't see much of it. A great way to ring in 2009.


Vicki W said...

My massage therapist told me Monday that you shouldn't ice for more than 15 minutes at a time. Want to come over for pizza or crab cakes for dinner tomorrow (Friday)? You choose the menu.

Summerset said...

Crab cakes! She can wear her crab dress!

Kidding aside, I hope you heal quickly now that you're back to sewing civilization.

I've made a few double wedding ring quilts, and while they take careful attention to make, they are beautiful. Good luck to you on yours!

Summerset said...

Oh, I forgot - I love that dress - it is a beautiful color for you!

Angelcat said...

Ouch that sounds painful, hope you have healed up now.

Good luck with your 2009 goals!