Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sinapore Swag!

Look what I got! The Carpenter's sister and brother-in-law went to Sinapore and brought me back four gorgeous silks they bought on Arab Street:

They are sumptuous. Here is a photo where the colors are more true:
Each piece is about 2 yards, and I spent last weekend laying out various patterns to eke a dress out of the blue/gold piece. But at 2 yards, I would have barely enough for a dress even with a TNT pattern (that's for you, Anne). Prudence would dictate that any pattern I used needed a muslin, rather than just jumping into cutting all that luscious silk. I was trying to show some restraint, but as VickiW and Anne pointed out, why start now? I then thought about making a skirt from the gold charmuse and blouses from the other three fabrics, thus guaranteeing me that I would have enough fabric but that wasn't thrilling me.

The Carpenter's sister and BIL aren't sewers but they did a marvelous job of picking silks that beautifully coordinate with each other: So I looked around the internet for a possible dress pattern to use these silks in the best possible way and found this pattern:
It's McCalls 6123, and I think it is what I need. I can use most, if not all, the fabrics and not worry about yardage. After seeing this on the web, I found out that Anne had already made a muslin of it, with hilarious results (ask VickiW about it!). This pattern runs big. Real big. Fortunately, the pattern envelope provides the finished garment measurements, so I already know I won't be making my usual size 12; I'll probably be using size 8 or even size 6. Given that I know the finished measurements, I'll again throw caution to the winds and not bother with the muslin. A great project for the Labor Day weekend!

Parting Shot: A long time friend sent me this photo taken in the summer of 1981, when I was 17 and living in Saudi Arabia. It is an absolute hoot. I'm on the far left drinking the soda:

We are clearly in the middle of the desert, but I have no idea where, what we were doing, or why we were trying to look so cool. The real interesting thing is that I only recognize 2 other people in the picture. I have absolutely no idea who everyone else is. No clue. But what I DO remember is what I am wearing. I remember those exact pair of jeans (Levi's, of course). I remember the blouse (white lace with blue ribbon) and I certainly remember those white sandles which I not only wore all summer in Saudi, but all through Europe on a trip with my mother - Italy, Germany, Sweden. My grandmother used to tell me that she could always date photos by what she was wearing - she remembered her clothing more than the events! I guess I'm the same. : )


Vicki W said...

I think those fabrics will look great in that dress. If you want some of my Aunt's calico I'll bring it fight over!

gwensews said...

Great fabrics, and how nice of your guy's relatives to think of you! I could use cuts right now, making sleeveless shells to wear under my suit jackets! Love the picture of you in Saudi.

Shellie said...

love the silks! and the pic ;)

keep us posted on what you make with them.


Audrey said...

Beautiful silk fabrics. I think you have found the perfect pattern. It is the style of dress that looks great on you and it will highlight the fabrics perfectly. The old picture looks like it is from a Gap ad. A bunch of young, skinny, casually chic models posing in an exotic location.