Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Great Day!

It's my birthday today. My age doesn't end in a zero or a five, but it was an extra special birthday this year, all because friends made it so. Eileen, weeks before, gave me a fab purse which I haven't photographed because I'm, you know, using it. Thank God for my friends who can accessorize because somehow I missed that particular gene in my DNA. Eileen's speciality is purses, and now I have reaped the benefit of her talent.

Aimee, knowing of my admiration for the Selfish Seamstress, got me the "I just don't want to" t-shirt (in blue), the "you bloodsucking leech" mug, and the "glad I could help" tote! But her biggest gift was loaning me her brand new Toyota Highlander for the weekend while she was out of town so I could pick up Tammy from the airport. My Miata can transport two, but only if the only luggage involved is a carry-on. Tammy was flying in from Chicago for pleasure/work and she brought the big suitcase. It was by Aimee's magnificience that allowed me to squire Tammy around town.

And quite the time we had. There was shopping, there were manis and pedis, and there was definitely food! I loved having her all weekend:
And one of her gifts to me was this, which I can't wait to read: But the surprise of my life came from the new BF a/k/a the Carpenter who gave me a dining room table. Actually he made a dining room table.

This is a 7 and half foot (90 inch) trestle table made from solid cherry with no stain, and finished with teak oil.

I was stunned. About three years ago, I went to the oldest house in Glasgow, Scotland and saw a trestle table that I loved. I thought what a great idea for a sewing table - no legs to get in the way. I have a small townhouse, so I do everything on the dining room table - I eat and sew. So I became obsessed, of course. I looked at all kinds of testle tables. I consulted with my forester brother, who advised to go with cherry. And that it would be a sin to put stain on cherry wood. I found instructions on the web, and I tried to talk said brother to making me such a table, but no go. I found a furniture maker in New England who made them, but charged enough to buy a used car.
When I started dating the Carpenter, I enthusiastically shared my obsession with him, and it must have took. He showed up last night with this magnificient piece of furniture and I have never been so overwhelmed in my life. I cannot photograph it well enough to do it justice because it is just so beautiful, and well, long. Here is a shot of the breadboard at the end:

Some of the Carpenter's work:

I am humbled and overwhelmed. Is he a keeper or what????
Parting Shot: The Carpenter putting it all together at my house:


Anonymous said...

Holy Moly!! Definitely a keeper!! What a terrific gift and a surprise! I think I hear 'going to the chapel' in the background. Glad it was an exceptional birthday you definitely deserve it.
I am very happy for you!


Angelcat said...

Happy Birthday Kim, hope you have a great day!!

gwensews said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Defiitely, keep that carpenter!

Vicki W said...

I'm with Anne. Wow! What a fabulous gift! Let me just tell you that the gift I am bringing you today does not rate with this.

Summerset said...

WOW. Um, yeah, keep that guy.

msdonnagill said...

You should be hearing from Donna Saunders any moment now with an "I told you so!" I am so glad it was such a great birthday, and I wish you many, many more. Much love, Donna

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there'd be anything better than that bag, but I think the BF has me beat! Eileen

Donna said...

Kim, The table is BEAUTIFUL! Yes, I did tell you he was "the one", definitely a keepeer. What a great gift and what great talent Jaymie has. I can not wait to see it. Happy Belated Birthday.

Deb Levy said...

Happy Birthday!

Gorgeous table... he might be a keeper.....certainly has potential!

Mary said...

I don't know how I missed this! Too far behind in my blog reading - It was even more beautiful in person!

Audrey said...

Gorgeous table! What a wonderful birthday present. Happy belated birthday. BF is really talented. My DH makes furniture for me and I really appreciate it. Of course our garage has never seen a car, as it is the "workshop".