Monday, May 31, 2010

Feedsack Frenzy!

A while ago Anne let me paw through her antique feedsack fabrics and pick out what I liked. I picked this unusual print because a) I had never seen feedsack printed with butterflies, and b) they were pink. By playing around with the placement of my TNT skirt pattern, I found I could get a skirt out of one feedsack:
Of course, you can't worry about a "with nap" layout. Here you can see that the back pieces are opposite from the front; the butterfiles are flying down instead of up:

I don't think anyone will notice. Or care. Also, I was concerned when I cut this out because I had to lay out the pattern pieces on the crosswise grain, rather than the lengthwise. I usually prefer to layout out on the lengthwise, so that the slight extra stretch in the crosswise grain goes horizonally around my body, given me that little extra give in the waist and hips. But even being on the crosswise grain, the skirt fits fine.
So I have great plans for all those feedsacks I bought at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival this year! (Except for today - my AC isn't working; why does the AC always conk out on a holiday when the expected high is 95 degrees????) They will all be turned into summer skirts which, I have found, never seem to wear out.
I, not suprisely, wore this skirt yesterday to Anne's family's annual Memorial Day fishing trip in the Chesapeake bay. The Carpenter went too, and you can see that he really loved the t-shirt VickiW tie-dyed for him which he got for his birthday:
Parting Shot: I caught a fish! Well, the Carpenter caught the fish - he just let me reel it in. I'm pictured with said fish and the first mate of the boat, Kenny.


Vicki W said...

Pink for fishing? Of course!

This new skirt is one million times cuter than the crab dress.

gwensews said...

Greawt skit! That is an unusual print, with the cross-crossed diagonals. Good for you, keepint the carpenter--who also fishes!

Summerset said...

Very cute - and good use of the print. You're right - not many people will see the upside down butterflies!