Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quilt Binding Further Explained

I got a beautiful email from Laurie asking for further clarification on my quilt binding tutorial, which I am only happy to attempt to answer. Specifically, she wants to know how to fold your binding parallelogram before you begin your rotary cutting of the binding strips. Frankly, this step always requires me to sort of stand back and think about it myself each time. But here is the answer:

Let's pretend this is your binding parallelogram:

This is just a strip I had lying around, and we will use it for demonstration purposes. See how the sides are cut on the bias? Now turn your parallelogram like this, so that your bias edge is on the vertical lines of your cutting mat like this: Then fold your binding parallelogram like this:

And then cut your strips on the vertical lines of your cutting mat. That's it. I know the folding seems unnecessary, but that is because this strip used for demonstration is a lot smaller than your binding parallelogram if you are making a lot of bindng. Your binding parallelogram will be big, and folding it will allow you to cut your strips easily using your acrylic ruler, which is probably no more than 24 inches long.
I hope this helps - please email me or leave a comment if you have any other questions. Thanks so much for the feedback, Laurie!


Mariposa Fuerte said...

That is awesome, Kim! Thank you SO much!!! :) I really have trouble visualizing these things, sometimes, so I hugely appreciate the photos and the time you put into this so that we "newbies" can learn, hopefully, to love sewing as much as you do! Promise to send you a photo of the quilt when I finish it. It's been a long time in coming--my last sewing machine sang its swan song as I nearly finished piecing the top, and after getting a new one and working my way through the quilting, things got busy and it's been up in the closet for long enough to make me blush. Time to finish it! Thanks for your help in making that happen. :)

KimP said...

You are so welcome - can't wait to see your quilt - get a close up of the binding!!! : )