Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show!

Vicki, Anne, and I took a vacation day from work and headed down to Hampton, Virginia to go to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show and boy, were we glad we did. As soon as we walked in, the first ribbon winner we got to see was Summerset's Bluebird of Happiness which won Best in Show in the wearable art garment category:

It was, of course, exquisite. The photos simply do not do it justice as they cannot capture the detail and fine handwork that went into Summerset's creation. And imagine Vicki's suprise when she discovered in reading the garment description that Summerset had dedicated Bluebird of Happiness to her!!! Here is a better photo of the inside of the coat:

I returned to look at it later during the day to take more photos and notice all the details. It gave me the opportunity to overhear everyone else's comments on Summerset's work: "It is gorgeous." "Isn't this incredible?" "It definitely deserves Best in Show." I loved hearing those words because it confirmed that I wasn't just biased! In my opinion, it was far and away the best at the Quilt Show. All I can say is if you are in the area, go to the show before it ends on Sunday and see this for yourself; you'll be glad you did.

The show was well attended and long lines greeted us as we arrived:

Vicki's mother subsequently joined us, with her quilting friend, and the rest of the day was divided between looking at the incredible quilts on display and shopping at the vendors' booths.

I won't bore you with too many photos - you simply have to go see for yourself the fabulous creations there, but this was a real stunner made by Karen Kay Buckley of Carlisle, PA which she calls Arabesque:

And this one quickly got our attention, by Barbara E. Lies of Madison, Wisconsin, which she calls Saffron Spring:

And finally, my favorite by Renae Haddadin of Sandy, Utah, called Beauty From Within:

None of these photos show the detailed quilting involved, so you just have to go and see for yourself!
All and all, we had a great time. Fabric was purchased, along with quilt patterns, and supplies. The vendors had a wide variety of fabric lines this year and I would say the sales were quite good. We left a tad poorer, but a whole lot happier, and we agreed this year's show was better than last. I'll show my haul another post, but I'll leave you with the Parting Shot:

The Husband Brigade waiting for the quilting wives during the show. What wonderfully patient men - they deserve a fat quarter just for being there!


Robin in Short Pump said...

I'm on my way down there this morning, I got into one of Laura Wasilowski's classes. Woohoo! Will spend the night with my daughter and go back tomorrow to see the exhibits and shop at the vendors. Then when I get home I have to head to Quilter's Corner for Susan's grand opening. I expect to be inspired.

Summerset said...

Those other quilts you showed are beautiful! The yellow one, Saffron Spring, in particular is outstanding. I'm hoping to be able to see it in person at either MQX or AQS in April.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry I wasn't able to go this year. The quilts look beautiful and Summerset's creation is amazing. Who is it for? As if Summerset would be crazy enough to allow someone to wear this garment! Some July, you'll have to come up for the Vermont Quilt Festival which always has an amazing collection and a ride through the beautiful green hills to boot!

KimP said...

Robin, I'm so glad you get to go! And see Summerset's creation.

Summerset, Saffron Spring was described by the quilter as "where OCD meets SAD"! I hope you see it too.

Eileen, I would really like to go to the quilt show in Lancester, PA just to see the Amish quilts!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the mini quilt show!