Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Shirtdresses Continue . . .

After my last post, Gwen asked if I was doing a study of shirtwaist dresses . . . why, yes I am!  Actually, I'm hoping to produce the definitive work.  So in the interest of research, I reached in the far recesses of my closet and found a shirtdress that I probably made in 2008 or maybe 2007, before I started blogging.  I made it from this vintage Simplicity pattern, number 5877, circa 1965:

 I have no idea where I got this pattern - probably Etsy.  Maybe.  I can see what I liked about it - the buttons only went to the waist, the full skirt is pleated and not gathered, and there is a side zip.  I made it up in a cheery striped fabric that had a great hand and a slight brushed nap:
 Please forgive these photos in office cubicle-land;  Aimee and I were just too busy at work to find some place with natural light.  I made the dress with yellow buttons just because I could, and who doesn't like yellow buttons?
 I even made my first (and only belt) to match!
 The belt is mostly held together with glue and velcro (no lie):

 Here's a shot of the side slot (centered) zipper:

But here is the thing:  this dress has been worn only about a half a dozen times in its lifespan.  Why?  Well, the bodice is a little too loose and too long; the pattern is a Bust 36, and I'm really more of a Bust 34 kind of gal.  In 2008, I wouldn't have known how to go about altering it to fit, and I can't say that I know now either.  Or that I am willing to learn - there are just too many shirtdress patterns out there made for a 34 Bust.  Also, the skirt is very full, and pressing this baby takes about 15 to 18 minutes, which doesn't sound like a lot, but we all know that in ironing time, one minute ironing is equal to about four minutes of your life that you will never get back.  My pressing patience is about 5 minutes per garment, max.

I feel sorry for this dress though because it is good dress and just doesn't get the wearing it deserves.  And the pattern is a very good shirtdress pattern and I believe such vintage shirtdress patterns are sacred relics that should be preserved and treasured, but because of the size, I know I will never make it again. 

So here is my solution:  I'm offering this dress, the belt, and the pattern to anyone who wants to have them (remember the size is Bust 36).  I would really love to give these orphans a good home. And since tens of people read my blog weekly, I am hoping someone can take them off my hands.  Just email me at:  kapayne3*at* and tell me you will welcome this dress and pattern into your home and give me your address.  They'll be there before you know it.

Update:  This pattern and dress has been claimed by Debbie, who found an incomplete copy of the pattern at a yard sale.  She is currently planning her awesome version now!

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Audrey said...

You will find the ultimate shirtdress! It will be an exciting adventure and you will become an. expert in all things shirtdressy. How can anyone not love a garment that is flattering and comfortable.