Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Dress

Here's my Easter Dress, which I finished just in time:

These aren't great photos, but here is the back: I used a cotton voile I got from Chadwicks here in town. It's a delicate floral print:

This shirtdress gave me fits. Which I don't understand because I this was the fourth time I had used this pattern, from the 1950s:

I've used it to make the Crab Dress:

And this one:

Clearly, I made some changes: 1) I put a gathered skirt on it instead of a three panel skirt; 2) I made elbow length cuffed sleeves that I borrowed from this pattern; 3) I made a shawl-like collar instead of the notched; and 4) I made the bottom bodice darts to be tucks instead.

Still, this dress shouldn't have been this hard. I couldn't figure out how to get the collar on properly and I had to visit VickiW to get it sorted out. This made no sense, as I have made this dress several times before. While trimming the sleeve allowances, I nicked the front bodice with my sissors, which I repaired with a little fusible interfacing; I don't know how long it will hold. Finally, for whatever reason, the waist ended up too big, so I used a lace scarf as sash. All these issues caused me to wonder if I had used up all my sewing knowledge on my wedding dress, and now I have become a sewing idiot - it was all so frustrating.

I think one of the problems was that I was too ambitious for this fabric. I think this delicate voile wanted to be a summer blouse and I tried too much and made it a dress instead! The fabric wrinkles like crazy, so in retrospect a blouse would have made much more sense. I originally made the skirt ankle length, aiming for a Downtown Abbey sort of look, but I ended up more with a Christian Fundalmentalist Ranch sort of look instead, so I took more than ten inches off the length, hemming it just below the knee so as to diminish dowdy factor.

I love shirtdresses, but I realize this isn't the most chic look, and the gathered skirt makes it less so. Still, I think this will become a good Saturday-running-errands dress - it will be very cool and comfortable. Next time, though, I'll make it more like the Crab Dress!


Vicki W said...

I can't believe I'm going to say this but I like the crab dress better. Now I feel ill and am going to bed. :)

freerangegirl said...

The crab dress is my favourite ever!

gwensews said...

Sorry your dress didn't turn out to suit you. It happens. And always lessons learned. It looks very pretty though.

Audrey said...

I never thought to check Chadwick's for fabric. The dress and the fabric is very pretty, but I have to agree with the others, the crab dress is the best.

Charcoal Windowpane Suits said...

That is the best dress that I saw today. Love it so much.

Summerset said...

Of course, the crab dress is the best. The Easter dress isn't so bad - it is very pretty and you look lovely wearing it!

Clare said...

If I gave you a pattern, my measurements, and paid you, would you make me a dress? These are so gorgeous.