Monday, July 11, 2011

Not My Worst Mistake

This past spring I tried an experiment of fusing interfacing to silk charmuese. It turned out well enough that I bought enough silk to add the gathered skirt to the fused bodice for a potential cocktail dress. Here's the skirt attached to the bodice, none to expertly:

It was okay. I wasn't thrilled, but it turned out okay. I really don't like gathering - it never seems to go well with me. This skirt is really poofy, with a whole lot of fabric, and it was a huge PITA to get all that skirt on that bodice. I managed. But then I got cocky: I used my serger to finish the waist seam.

So of course for the very first time ever, because I was using an incredibly expensive fabric, I ran my garment fabric in the bodice into the serger blade. Arrgghhh! There was a small triangular cut in the bodice, but I was not to be deterred. I figured a little fusible interfacing might hold the tear together enough and maybe I could cover it with a sash or some other imaginative fix. But when I went to apply the fusible interfacing, my iron was still heating up. So it was on super-heat, trying to achieve the right temperature and it just melted the interfacing previously (and carefully) applied to the bodice fabric. Arrrghhh! Here's the mess I ended up with:

The triangular piece of interfacing is the fix for the tear, the mess above it is the melted interfacing caused by the iron. Here's another shot:

And here it is from the right side of the dress:

Ick. No way to save this at all. But strangely enough, I was hardly bothered by it despite the expense of the fabric, and despite all the work with no dress to show for it. I couldn't believe how not-upset I was. And then I realized: this wasn't the dress I wanted to make anyway. It was actually a relief to have it ruined beyond repair. If I had just listened to my muse in the first place, I would have been working on the dress I really wanted to be sewing and I would have avoided this sartorial disaster. I keep having to learn this lesson over and over and over; I just don't seem to "get it". Sewing is fun - work on what you want to work on, not what you think you should be working on!

Parting Shot: A visitor that showed up on my deck this evening; I got to watch him take a nap while I ate dinner. I have no idea where he came from or where he went to later, but it was nice have a kitty around, even if just for a little while.


Mary said...

I'm not always good at the " work on what you want to" idea but I try every now and then to get back to that.

Angela said...

Sometimes things are just meant to be. It wasn't wasted time as you figured out what you don't want to be doing :) the colour of that silk is to die for though!

Vicki W said...

Uh oh, you are about to be adopted!

gwensews said...

You are absolutely right about sewing what you really WANT to sew. It's like reading a book. Why read something you're not interested in when there are so many others that give you pleasure?

Audrey said...

Gorgeous fabric, but it just wasn't destined to be a dress. I did the melt the previously applied interfacing myself about a week ago. What a mess. Someone has decided your house is in his/her territory. He/she must have sensed you were a cat lover. I hope you are deep into making the dress you really wanted to make.

Summerset said...

Grrrr. Lesson learned, though. It is so much better to sew what you love, not what you need or think you need!