Friday, February 26, 2010

Quilt Show!

Back from the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival! VickiW, Anne, and I pilgrimaged to Hampton, VA despite the cold windy weather to see the treasures. Exhausted, but happy. Got to meet Mary. Got to see Summerset's Garden Path which won the Judge's Choice award. Got to shop. Here is the haul:

That black batik underneath everything is actually 2 yards of a 108 inch quilt back. A large portion of it is solid black - this photo shows the border part, mostly. This is going to become a dress, or maybe two. Also pictured are 24 fat quarters of brown and pink fabrics (love that color combination), 6 antique feedsacks, 10 rotary cutter blades, and 1 surgerical seam ripper. I didn't discover until I got home that one of the feedsacks is still a sack; the seams haven't been let out of it yet. I guess I'll be able to use that seam ripper right away. : )
I admit I went a little overboard on the feedsacks. But I have plans for them. Last year Anne gave me a couple of feedsacks and I found they make the most excellent skirts. I've made two. If I cut out the skirt pattern on the cross grain instead of the lengthwise grain, I can get a whole skirt made from one feedsack (I still need to get a photo of the skirts I made but it has been so cold and my photographer is out of town). Now I also admit that 7 or 8 feedsack skirts might be a bit much, but I tell you that skirts made out of this fabric do not wear out. I can see why women used them to make children's clothes - they might outgrow them, but they would never wear out!
Finally, I got a yard of this indonesian fabric just because I liked it:
It was a great day. Anne asked, "Why can't every day be like today?" I couldn't have agreed more.


Mary said...

I had to buy a set of pink and brown fat quarters too -- that seems to be one of my favorite color combinations these days. It was great meeting you!

Angelcat said...

Wow, look at all that yummy fabric. That should keep you busy for a while!

Anonymous said...

I knew you were going but couldn't seem to get organized to call you before or after - only while you were gone! So glad you had a great time - wish Loy and I could have joined you! But I am SO proud - all those purchases even without my tender urgings! Imagine how broke you'd be if I'd been there to act like the little devil on your shoulder: "buy buy buy" she whispered.....Eileen

Life In Korea said...

Kim, I found your blog by accident. I was looking for a tutorial on making quilt binding (I am the greenest of the greenhorns in quilting) and I started to red some of your posts. I love your quilts, and your blog is so original! Wish I had 1/150 of the talent you have! Maybe someday. -- Chantel Trevino