Saturday, December 19, 2009

Big Snow!

We've gotten so much snow that our neighborhood snowplow guy is using a CAT bulldozer to clear the streets!
My back deck: Of course, this means that my flight to Cotton Creek, Alabama has been SO cancelled. I won't get home until late, late tomorrow, at best. I would estimate that 10 to 12 inches have fallen so far, with about 6 more forecast for today and tonight. But I am happy for this "rest" day, although I don't know how much rest will be involved. If I want to leave the house tomorrow, there is going to have to be a heap of shoveling of the drive.
I haven't decided whether there will be sewing today, or what kind: work on bindings or start something new?? Don't know, but I love having the time on hand to decide!
Parting Shot: My neighbor is getting the jump on the shoveling. Think I could talk him to coming over to my house????


Vicki W said...

shoveling while the neighbor is out. Maybe he will come over and take pity on you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Haven't seen that much snow in a long time. It is suppose to get in the 60's while you are in Alabama, but cold at night. Nice Pics. Mom

Summerset said...

Yay for snow! Sorry, but I do like. At least until April, then I'm sick of it!