Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Etsy Purchase

I've bought patterns off Etsy before - that is where the Crab Dress pattern came from - but I have never purchased anything handmade. This week I decided to splurge and get a summer purse, especially after I realized that the one I was carrying around was given to me by a friend in 2003. I'm just not a purse person. A purse is something to carry your stuff in, not a fashion statement. As a result, a purse is one of those things I welcome as a gift since my picks are never all that inspired. But I saw this one on Etsy: I believe the fabrics are "Swanky" from Chez Moi of Moda, and the handbag was made by Lisa from simplestitches101. Here is a shot of the inside which is yellow (yum!) and has pockets around the sides:

She also included a checkbook cover, a credit card wallet, and a wristlet key chain:

Lisa also had for sale some "reader" glasses (also known as "cheater" glasses) that she had funkied-up by painting pink and white dots on them. Sold!

My glasses in my new purse:

I'm really pleased with this; it only took 3 days to get my new glasses and purse, and they will both be put to use tomorrow!
No sewing done today; I did attend my monthly sewing guild meeting where I gave the program on using just a few patterns to create many different looks. I'll post about that soon.

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Vicki W said...

Cool! It's very "Kim"!