Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quilting ADD

After weeks away, it was good to get back to a whole day of sewing. I hit the Double Wedding Ring Quilt pretty hard; I got two more blocks done, plus I was able to get more arcs made in an assembly-line fashion, so I am hopeful that the second 10 blocks will go more quickly than the first 10. I also made some binding for another quilt needing to go to the machine quilter's:
It had been so long since I had made a block, I actually had to refer back to the instruction book. But all went well; I didn't even have to unsew and resew on these two new blocks. But, I have decided that the Double Wedding Ring pattern was invented by a diabolical mind - someone who was clearly deranged and had servants, so she had a lot of time on her hands. Mrs. Rochester comes to mind. I'm not certain I would make another one, even if I got married. But I should be careful about saying I would never do something. We all know that the minute you say, "I would never do that" or "I would never do that again", twelve months from now you'll be making two of them. So I'll keep my mouth shut.
For whatever reason, 2009 is a year where I am more interested in quilts than clothing. Which is a real change for me. I just keep coming up with more ideas for what I want to make next. But I am holding firm to the notion that I can't start anything new until at least all the blocks for the DWRQ are DONE. I've decided that I can look at new patterns; I can look at new fabric (via internet, catalogue, LQS, or my stash); I can even calculate yardage and buy new fabric. I just can't cut into it until I've got 20 DWR blocks. Here is fabric I pulled from the stash just to daydream:
I'm hoping that limiting any new starts will spur me towards completion soon!
Here is some exciting news: I got an antique sewing machine from my friends, Cliff and Joyce!
They gave me a treadle machine made by the Free Sewing Machine Co.:
Joyce bought this machine in 1977 for $ 36 when she lived in Massachusetts. She even sewed on it. Note the treadle - no electrical power necessary. It is way cool, and I read up on the Free Sewing Machine Co. here. Based upon what I read, this machine was probably made somewhere between 1890 and 1925. I have no idea. Here's a better shot:

Here is the cable that turned the wheel when you worked the treadle - it's broken now - when Joyce used it, it was held together with a staple. I'll probably need a new one.
It has the original manual, and what looks like the original oil. : )

Here are some of the accessories:

Here are things that were in the drawers. The glass jar contains needles. I don't know what the other two things are or what they are for.

A better shot of the manual - I need to photocopy it before it complete disintegrates:
Here are some action shots showing how the machine stores itself in the cabinet when you close it up:

All closed up:
I really want to get this working again; the machine is in some serious need of cleaning and oiling (and I thought getting my Bernina serviced only once every 3 years was pushing it). Fortunately, that is what the internet is for; I'll do some research on restoration or anyone who could do the restoration. I really appreciate this gift from Cliff and Joyce - they are wonderful friends and I am so thrilled they thought of me. They even delivered!
No Parting Shot today, but I wanted to share that VickiW now has an Etsy shop. Now all those wonderful fabrics she creates and dyes can be yours! Stop by her blog and her shop and see what you can order up. For those of you who are stash busting, anything you buy from Vicki doesn't count - because it is handmade!


HelenClyde said...

The sewingmachine is so cool. Congratulations to that one. I remember that when I was little, in the early 80´s, my mum had one from her grandma. It wasn´t in a state half as good as yours, of course. I loved to play with the manual, and actually it´s great for children to learn on, because when there´s no electrical power involved, you can control the speed a lot better. I wish I could help you with the names of the items you found in the drawers, but I´ve never seen them before, either.

Vicki W said...

Cool new/old sewing machine!

gwensews said...

Wonderful machine. I havea treadle in the living room. Love to look at it. The double wedding ring quilt is one of the most dificult. Good luck.

Summerset said...

Good luck with the blocks - you're over 1/2 way done!

Nice machine. I've got a Singer treadle, complete with belt, but needs the staple to hold it together.

YankeeQuilter said...

Could it be all the treadles have staples on the belts? There is one on mine as well!

I finished one DWR...I then searched for more wedding themes quilt patterns for future events. There are several that are just sooo much less diabolical!

sewkalico said...

Wow! Great treadle. I have one too. I still need to clean/fix it, but I just love it! You are very lucky.